Welcome to the Computer Science Association of Graduate Students

Our mission is to provide quality networking opportunities and to represent the CSC graduate student body in the general Graduate Student Association.

It is our duty to let you know about everything important on campus.

This is especially important now: plans have been disrupted, school calendars changed, and communities dispersed. But to do this well, we need the energy we can get only from deliberate, organized collaboration. The structures and events we are able to organize is determined by participation, whether it be in promoting social events, inviting speakers, or advocating for graduate student wellbeing.

The CSC-GSA is built by graduate students for graduate students, and so if you’re a graduate student in CSC interested in building up the community, we need your enthusiasm. Drop us a message at the email below.


Interested in Collaborating? Contact Us              

Please address emails to compsci-gsa@ncsu.edu                                                                                              

Current point of correspondence: Sanjana Cheerla