CSC-GSA Elections, 2019

It is that time of the year again for the Computer Science Graduate Student Association elections.

Nominations for positions will be open until Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Additional information may be found on the CSC-GSA Website. You may either self-nominate or nominate someone else.  The nominations must be made using the CSC-GSA 2019-2020 Nomination Form in order to be considered valid.  If you are nominating someone other than yourself, then they must accept the nomination.  If you choose to accept your nomination, please include a short bio about yourself in your ‘acceptance’ so people can have a chance to get to know you a little better.

Officer Eligibility: All positions require a GPA of 3.5 to be eligible, along with the specified requirements below:
Position Time Commitment per Month (hours) Credits Prerequisite (hours)
President 20-30 18
Vice-President 20-30 18
Secretary 10 9
Treasurer 10 9
UGSA Representative 10-20 18
Web-admin 10 9

The positions’ corresponding responsibilities are as below:

  • A. The President shall:
    • 1) Call and preside over CSC-GSA council meetings
    • 2) Call CSC-GSA elections and special elections whenever necessary
    • 3) Represent the CSC-GSA at University Graduate Student Association meetings or Student Government Functions
    • 4) Perform those duties imposed on this office by the Student Body constitution
    • 5) Act as CSC-GSA representative during faculty meetings


  • B. The Vice-President shall:
    • 1) Preside over CSC-GSA council meeting at the request of or in the absence of the President
    • 2) Act as proxy for the President at University or Student Government functions at the President’s request
    • 3) Act as alternate CSC-GSA representative at faculty meetings, in the event the president isunable to attend
    • 4) Chair the Lab Representatives Committee.
    • 5) Maintain CSC-GSA website


  • C. The Secretary shall:
    • 1) Record and maintain minutes of the CSC-GSA council meeting and circulate copies of the minutes to the council members
    • 2) Maintain a roll of council members and call the roll whenever a roll call vote is taken
    • 3) Prepare and carry out CSC-GSA correspondence
    • 4) Maintain CSC-GSA display board that is in front of Academic programs
    • 5) Chair of any Ad-hoc committee


  • D. The Treasurer shall:
    • 1) Keep the financial records of the CSC-GSA
    • 2) Submit the annual budget, approved by the executive committee, to the CSC-GSA council
    • 3) Oversee block grant requests in accordance with the CSC-GSA Block Grant Policy.
    • 4) Chair of the Social Committee.


  • E. The UGSA Representative shall:
    • 1) Represent the CSC-GSA at all Graduate Student Association meetings
    • 2) Serve on CSC-GSA Committees
    • 3) Serve on the Executive Committee
    • 4) Substitute in for secretary or treasurer in the event they are absent from a meeting


  • F. The Web Admin shall:
    • 1) Maintain the CSC-GSA website (
    • 2) If applicable, maintain the social media accounts

If a student is a member of another organization within the CSC department, they may not hold the same position within the CSC-GSA. No more than two officers may run per lab group, and no more than one officer may run per adviser.

Any other questions regarding nominations please refer to the constitution