CSC-GSA Elections – 2017

Nominations for positions will be open until Tuesday, 11 AprilĀ 2017. You may either self-nominate or nominate someone else. The nominations must be made on CSC-GSA 2017-2018 Nominations form in order for them to be considered valid. After the deadline, we will reach out to the nominees to ask if they accept the nomination.

Nominations can be made in this form.

The available positions are:

Position Time Commitment per Month (hours) Credits Prerequisite (hours)
President 20-30 18
Vice-President 20-30 18
Secretary 10 9
Treasurer 10 9
UGSA Representative 10-20 18
Web-Admin and Social Network 10 9

If a student is a member of another organization within the CSC department, they may not hold the same position within the CSCGSA. No more than two officers may run per lab group, and no more than one officer may run per advisor. Any other questions regarding nominations please refer to the constitution.